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Our Web Design Clients in Bath and Throughout the UK

Leading website design and web optimisation services in Bath.

Intuition Media is a web design agency based in Bath that provides local businesses with graphic design, website design, web hosting, and website optimisation services.

The first thing a potential customer sees online is your website. As a result, it's particularly important that your website is designed well to engage viewers and entice them to buy your products, use your services, or interact with your website.

Our DesignPlus packages are perfect for companies of all sizes, from local Bath-based businesses to SMEs throughout the UK.

Book a call with us today to discuss how we can help redesign your current website, boost your local visibility with SEO services, or create a brand-new website that generates traffic and customers in Bath and beyond.

2 Tablets showing a brochure website designed by Intuition Media for a job listing and recruitment company in Bath

Transform your digital presence with a stunning new custom website.

Our team of website designers take pride in working with small business owners in and around Bath, creating sensational websites, and empowering businesses just like yours with digital advertising.

We understand that a new website can be a big investment - especially for a small local business in Bath.

One of Intuition Media's key brand values is that we're always looking to help small and medium-sized business owners with affordable, high-quality website and design services.

That's exactly why we created our monthly DesignPlus website design packages.

Our DesignPlus web design packages operate on a monthly payment scheme which is far safer for a small company's cashflow compared to a single payment which could be in the thousands.

Additionally, our monthly web design packages enable us to provide ongoing support to businesses in Bath and continually improve your website over time.

Contact our team in Bath to discuss a new website project, or click on the button below if you'd like our web design and SEO experts to audit your current website and provide recommendations.

Monitor showing a brochure website designed by Intuition Media for a security company

"We started working with Intuition Media in 2021, following a recommendation, around revamping and expanding our website. Since then I have had a close relationship with Joseph, who has advised on a number of our projects. We look forward to continue to working them, both now and in the future."

- William T. | Chief Operating Officer at Lockdown Cyber Security

Website Design Portfolio - Clients in Bath and the UK

See how our team of web designers and website specialists have helped dozens of businesses just like yours. We've worked with several clients in Bath and we're confident that we can boost your business with a fresh, high-converting custom website today.

Sterling Security

Plumb and Bath Store

Digital Samurai

DP Aesthetics

Synergix Logistics

Cathedral Vue Construction

Cotswold Composite Doors

TNS Scaffolding

Cotswold Kitchens & Bathrooms

Lockdown Cyber Security

Memorial Diamonds

Sun Goddess Tanning

The Korman Property Group

Equine Diamonds

Lingo Content

Life of Spike

Why choose Intuition Media's Bath-based website design packages?

Live Within 6 Weeks

We'll design, optimise, finalise, and launch your new website within 6 weeks depending on complexity. Our web design packages are ideal for Bath-based small business owners.

Maintenance and Updates

We host your website on WordPress which makes maintenance easier and more seamless. Our team of web designers will keep your website updated and optimised.

Experienced Web Designers

Our team of expert website designers are able to create your new website no matter how complex or unique your requirements are. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Website Design

Intuition Media's website design team will create a custom website that's perfect for your specific situation. We don't just edit a template and sell it to you - everything is custom.

Multi-Device Optimisation

As many users visit websites using mobile devices, we ensure that your website looks amazing and is responsive on all devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Ecommerce Capabilities

Our website design packages are also suitable for Bath-based business owners looking to set up an Ecommerce web store. Contact us to discuss your situation and your requirements.

Fast Response to Requests

We're agile, responsive, and we believe that great customer service is critical. As a result, our team of web designers will answer any of your website requests within 12 hours.

Extensive On-Page SEO

We know how important it is to promote your business throughout Bath and attract local customers. Our SEO specialists will optimise your website and maximise its local visibility.

Free SSL Certificates

Our website packages include free SSL certificates, security plugins, and security optimisations. We'll secure your website and safeguard it against spam, viruses, and issues.

Monthly Web Design Solutions

By offering monthly website design packages, we can better support small and medium-sized business owners in and around Bath while still providing a reliable, high-quality service.

Fully-Custom Graphic Design

Intuition Media isn't just a website design agency. We're also a team of expert graphic designers who can create custom graphics, logos, images, videos, signage, and more.

Free Email and Website Hosting

Our website design packages come with free website and email hosting and a 99.9% minimum uptime. This ensures that your website is always live and attracting customers in Bath.

"Intuition Media has been a gamechanger for Digital Samurai's marketing efforts. Since bringing IM on board, Joe and Matt have done a sterling job of managing the website, SEO, content creation, market research and analysis, managing the social media channels, etc."

- Ryan F. | Managing Director at Digital Samurai

Why do businesses in Bath need a new website?

There are thousands of businesses based in Bath that attract millions of customers each year, and each business has their own specific products, services, and industry expertise. 

Furthermore, with such a wide range of tourist attractions in Bath, it's no surprise that almost five million tourists travelled to Bath for a day trip visit in 2019 alone. 

Finally, Hubspot states that, in 2019, 58% of all search engine traffic was via mobile devices.

These statistics alone should show why it's so critical that your website needs to attract the attention of tourists and potential customers, be optimised for mobile devices, and be able to compete with other companies and websites in and around Bath. 

It's vital that your website looks impressive, works properly on all devices, ranks highly in the search engine results, and attracts viewers that are likely to purchase a product or service from your company.

Service web design for a cybersecurity company near Bath

Advertise your brand in Bath with a responsive and aesthetic website.

Bath is a city that's home to many profitable businesses as well as customers who not only want but expect high-quality services.

To properly compete against local companies in and around Bath, you need to work with local experts.

Intuition Media's a web design agency in Bath with a team of web design specialists that know how to make your website look sensational, attract local and national viewers, and convert users into long-term customers.

Our DesignPlus web design packages have been meticulously designed for small and medium-sized business owners in and around Bath who need an amazing, high-converting website in a convenient and affordable web design package.

Contact us today to learn more about our web design solutions or discuss a custom website package.

Monitor showing a brochure website designed by Intuition Media for a job listing and recruitment company

How can our web design agency support your business in Bath?

We're local residents of Bath and, as a result, we have a keen understanding of the local market and what your website needs to dominate the search engine results page in Bath and get the attention that your brand deserves.

On top of that, our headquarters in Bath means that Intuition Media is well-positioned to facilitate your company's growth in Bath and beyond.

Contact us today for more information and, if you're interested in learning more about our DesignPlus web design packages, click here to visit our DesignPlus page now.

However, if you'd like to book a free comprehensive audit for your current website to see how we can improve it, click on the button below.

Two tablets showing a brochure website designed by Intuition Media for a window and door retailer that uses our digital marketing services in Bath

"Intuition have been brilliant – after just one call, they rapidly came up with some super concepts ending up with us having a great looking website. All of our considerations and ideas were taken into account, and adjustments made with speed and absolute ease, making this without doubt the least onerous project ever! I highly recommend any company looking for a fresh design or complete new build website to contact them."

- Anthony C. | Co-Owner and Director at Synergix Logistics Solutions

What marketing and web design services do Bath-based companies need?

As a website design and graphic design agency based in Bath, we're acutely aware of how local Bath-based businesses like yours can take advantage of our marketing, design, and SEO solutions to empower your business.

Bath is a thriving city that's home to over 100,000 people and tourism in Bath accounts generates almost half a billion pounds per year. Your business needs to be visible, look impressive, and regularly advertise its services and products to both tourists and local citizens in Bath.

The first step is to work with a local website design agency that will create a stunning, custom website that's well-optimised, able to attract visitors, and generate revenue for your Bath-based business.

Learn how our website design packages and advertising solutions can support your company's growth in and around Bath:

Local Visibility in Bath

Increase your company's visibility in and around Bath with a brand-new website, custom content, and digital advertising strategies.

On-Page SEO

Our SEO specialists can support your website with on-page search engine optimisation tweaks, blog articles, and technical SEO.

Physical Advertising in Bath

Intuition Media's close connections with businesses and advertisers in Bath enable us to set up physical advertising methods.

Build Brand Awareness

Develop your brand awareness in Bath by promoting your services online, creating unique social media content, and running paid ads.

Inform Your Customers

Inform your customers in Bath about your business, services, and products via blogs, product pages, and dedicated service pages.

Establish a Digital Presence

Are you the owner of a small shop in Bath? Establish an important digital presence with a brand-new website and local SEO services.

"Joe & his team have been fantastic. [They have] transformed my website and took over my PPC campaign which is performing extremely well. Top top team!"

- Elliot Jones | Owner, Pressed Number Plates (Ecommerce Website)

A local Bath-based web design agency that you can trust.

As a web design agency operating from Bath in the UK, we are well-positioned to help companies in and around Bath and the South West of England with website redesignsweb hosting, and more.

Bath is an amazing city and contains incredible landmarks like the Royal Crescent, the Roman Baths, and the famous Bath Abbey.

With a thriving tourist scene and a wide range of shops, landmarks, and attractions, it's no surprise that Bath is home to thousands of companies looking to impress potential customers.

What better way to impress potential customers that than with a new, highly-optimised, aesthetic custom website that caters to tourists and citizens in Bath?

Contact us today to book a meeting with our website design experts at our office in the heart of Bath.

Monitor showing a brochure website designed by Intuition Media for a security company

Website designers that empower small local business owners in Bath.

Potential customers, tourists, and local citizens are likely to search for information about different businesses, shops, and local service providers in Bath.

Because of this, it's vital to ensure that your website looks excellent, is optimised for conversions, and is fit for purpose.

Not only will a new website boost your brand's notoriety in Bath, but you'll also attract more customers, generate more leads, and sell more products.

With our extensive knowledge of the local Bath area and our headquarters in Bath, we are ready and able to support the local, regional, and national growth of your business with a brand-new high-converting website that impresses customers and delights clients.

Contact us today to enquire about our range of website design packages and services.

Monitor showing a service website designed by Intuition Media for a data administration company in Bath

Web Design and Landing Page Statistics

We worked with Pressed Number Plates, a local company in the South West of England, to design an aesthetic and speedy Ecommerce website that was optimised to convert viewers into customers. After providing website design, web hosting, and website marketing services, we were able to increase their daily sales by an average of 241% compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, our website design and landing page optimisation services also helped our client benefit from a 55.5% increase in website visitors between April 2023 and June 2023 compared to the previous 90-day period.

By creating websites that are optimised on all devices, aesthetically excellent, and optimised to maximise conversions, we can ensure that Bath-based businesses like yours get the leads, attention, and sales that you deserve.

Interested in reading the full case study? Read the case study by clicking here.

"The team at Pressed Number Plates run a very tight (and very busy!) ship, selling high volumes of different types of number plates every day. With a new location in Gloucester, the team are expanding with new equipment and new team members to keep up with their demand."

"Joe & his team have been fantastic. [They have] transformed my website and took over my PPC campaign which is performing extremely well. Top top team!"


Elliot Jones

Owner, Pressed Number Plates

Increase in website traffic compared to previous 90-day period*
Increase in website and landing page traffic generated through digital advertisements*
Average Daily Sales Increase**

*Percentage increase between 1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023, compared to 31st December 2022 - 31st March 2023.

**Percentage increase between August 2022 and May 2023.

Intuition Media took over PPC Campaigns for Pressed Number Plates in August 2022.

Supporting Services: Website Design

Need more than just a new website? Find out about our other relevant design services below:

  • Full Brand Design - Revamp your brand with a comprehensive, custom full brand design project.
  • Web Hosting - Make sure that your website is running optimally 24/7 with fast load speeds and minimal downtime.
  • Logo Design - Refresh your look with a unique, impactful, and memorable logo created by our graphic design experts.
  • Web Design - Transform your website into a stunning digital platform that generates leads, promotes products, and delights customers.
  • Photo & Video - Take your content to the next level with professional photography and videography services that amplify your brand.

Interested in our local web design, website redesign, and web hosting services?

Contact us today to book a call or an in-person meeting at our office in Bath.

Full Website Audit Request

Discover how your website can generate more leads, attract more visitors, and create tangible value for your business today.

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