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Stand out from the crowd.

Having purpose-designed Social Media profile pictures, cover photos and more makes a huge difference over using nothing at all, or even company imagery/logos that were originally designed for use elsewhere.

Take your brand to the next level with amazing social media content, custom social media campaigns, and unique strategies that are designed to engage viewers.

The Importance of Branded Social Media

See below for what we think are the 3 main aspects of any Social Media portfolio that need to be branded and consistent, cross-platform.


With most Social Media platforms, you have a profile picture and main image header. These should be made the most of in terms of space and how they draw attention.


When you post on Social Media, there is almost always an option for an accompanying image. It should be both a relevant and branded, to stay in the users' minds.


Content is the core of all Social Media and there must be a consistent style and standard to support any images to go with the content and the profile itself.

"Intuition Media has been a gamechanger for Digital Samurai's marketing efforts. Since bringing IM on board, Joe and Matt have done a sterling job of managing the website, SEO, content creation, market research and analysis, managing the social media channels, etc."

- Ryan F. | Database Administrator at Digital Samurai

Showcase your brand on social media with stunning content.

Social media is all about quality, variety, and innovation.

By creating a range of unique content and jumping on trends, your social media profiles will generate thousands of clicks and potentially millions of views.

However, you need to get it right - that's where Intuition Media comes in.

We'll work with you to create a custom social media strategy and design bespoke content that fits your brand perfectly.

Whether you need animated reels, short videos, or custom graphic designed social media content, our social media agency can support your digital presence.

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