Pressed Number Plates

Ecommerce Case Study of Pressed Number Plates.

Taking Things to New Heights

The team at Pressed Number Plates run a very tight (and very busy!) ship, selling high volumes of different types of number plates every day. With a new location in Gloucester, the team are expanding with new equipment and new team members to keep up with their demand.

"Joe & his team have been fantastic. [They have] transformed my website and took over my PPC campaign which is performing extremely well. Top top team!"


Elliot Jones

Owner, Pressed Number Plates

Monthly Ecommerce Revenue Increase*
Monthly Order Volume Increase*
Average Daily Sales Increase*

*Percentage increase between August 2022 and May 2023.

Intuition Media took over PPC Campaigns for Pressed Number Plates in August 2022.

The Problem

After creating a brand new website for Pressed Number Plates, we were assigned the task of taking over management of their Google Ads account and their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, because they wanted to increase sales whilst avoiding paying disproportionately high management fees.

At the time we took over their campaigns, they were generating sales, but considering the amount of revenue they were yielding, the business was losing many financial benefits to a number of different fees associated with multiple businesses who were looking after various parts of their Ecommerce presence.

The Solution

Since we had just completed a brand new Ecommerce website for them, this was a perfect opportunity to consolidate all services into one and heavily reduce monthly management fees (among other overheads). This immediately saved the business a significant percentage of generated sales every month.

We then got to work on thorough Keyword Research before going through the existing Google Ads account and making improvements via bidding strategies, negative keywords, multiple campaigns, budget management and more ongoing efforts including problem solving. Fast-forward 10 months later and we've helped produce the statistics you see above and we're not stopping there; we're aiming to consistently improve these figures as Pressed Number Plates expand.

The Future

As owner Elliot and the team at Pressed Number Plates have been investing in skilled new staff members, exciting new equipment and more, the future is looking very bright for this ever-expanding business. At Intuition Media, we plan to support and accelerate this expansion by continuing to carry out the services described here and much more in the background, but also in the capacity of great customer service and true value for money, creating an environment where both parties succeed and will continue to for a long time to come.

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