Full Brand Design

Consistency is key.

Rule number one of an effective and memorable brand is consistency. There must be a continuous and recognisable image and theme across absolutely everything that comes from your business.

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Our Approach to Brand Identity

Below are our 4 main pillars that we take into consideration when creating or revamping a brand:


Colours should be kept consistent. Depending on the brand, we usually recommend one recognisable brand colour and an accompanying, complimenting secondary colour. There can be multiple variations of this for different purposes.


Imagery is very important, especially when you take into account Social Media branding. Like colours, any images (graphics or photos for example) representing your brand need to be consistent in presentation, regardless of theme.


Every business has a message to be delivered. How that message is delivered is variable, and multiple methods must be employed. The message itself needs to be visually communicated through your brand in order to be remembered.


The level of service provided by your business should be a memorable factor of your brand. From email marketing communication to Social Media, a standard of service must be delivered to compliment every other aspect listed here.

Creative, relevant and high-performing brand designs.

Branding is critical to the growth of small businesses and can be extremely important, especially to small companies looking to establish themselves within an industry or market.

However, branding is not just about a cool logo and creative packaging.

Branding is all about your brand, your customers, and what you want customers to think about your business.

The most successful brands are memorable, creative, targeted, and consistent across all aspects of their business.

With Intuition Media's full brand design services and team of branding consultants, we can help empower your business and promote your brand exactly how you want it.

With custom logo design services, bespoke website design packages, social media design, and more, our brand strategy consultants are ready to transform your business into a thriving brand that impresses customers and keeps them coming back for more.

A UK brand design agency that will transform your business.

Customers and clients need to see your brand, remember it, resonate with it, and be willing to share your brand with their friends and family.

To achieve this goal, you brand needs to be memorable, impactful, and consistent across your entire company.

Designing a seamless brand is a complex project; that's where Intuition Media comes in.

Our brand design agency and team of expert brand consultants in Bath will design your new brand from top to bottom.

We'll look at your brand's voice, messaging, colours, logos, social media, packaging, and more.

From physical documents like brochures to digital branding like social media design and website design, our UK-based brand design agency is ready to empower your company and take it to the next level.

What services are included in our brand design solutions?

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6 Tips For Consistent Digital Branding

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