Logo Design

It all starts with the logo.

The best way to take your brand identity to the next level is to base it upon a memorable and versatile logo. The rest of the brand image should stem from this, giving the solid foundation of a real brand identity.

Learn more about our logo design process below.

Our Logo Creation Process

Step 1: Sketch Drafts

We start off with the good old pencil and paper. We see this as the most efficient way to line up some logo drafts, plus we enjoy a bit of drawing!

Step 2: Digital Drafts

Once the sketching stage is complete, we create digital versions of the preferred drafts and put them together for the client to browse through.

Step 3: Final Options

After we have the client's preference, we then narrow the drafts down to two or three final options and discuss with the client which one is best.

Step 4: Finished Logo

When the best of the final options has been decided, we will create one final logo with options for light and dark backgrounds, including variants.

Stunning logos that perfectly showcase your brand.

Whether you need an amazing logo that represents your new brand or you're just looking to modernise your company's current logo, Intuition Media's logo design and branding design agency are ready to help you.

From simple text-based logos to complex iconography and graphic design, our team of logo designers and UK-based branding experts can create any logos that you need.

However, we don't just create a stunning logo for you - we take the time to research your company, follow your design briefs, and create a truly amazing logo that encapsulates everything your brand represents.

Our custom logo design agency in Bath is perfect for small businesses looking for a new digital logo, medium-sized companies looking to redesign their well-known brand, and any businesses that need a high-quality digital logo for their enterprise.

Contact us today to learn more about our logo design services and our graphic design agency in Bath.

Custom logo designs from an experienced design agency.

Our graphic designers in the UK will work with you to create a custom, engaging, and interesting logo that represents your brand values and business appropriately.

Our 4-step logo design process enables us to learn about your requirements and follow your design brief while still leveraging our team's many years of logo design and graphic design experience.

Your new logo will delight customers, engage new clients, and be remembered by users.

Intuition Media's team also includes experienced digital marketers and brand experts. As a result, you don't just get a nice-looking logo; you get a logo that is truly marketable and relevant for your business, industry, and target market.

Are you looking for a graphic designer in the UK or an experienced local logo design agency in Bath?

Make sure to contact us to enquire about our logo design solutions.

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Would you like to discuss your brand new logo?

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