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Intuition Media's Social Media Marketing Clients in Bath and the UK

Expand your brand throughout Bath and the UK with our social media packages.

Social media can be an amazing way of connecting with thousands of potential customers in an instant.

With the city of Bath boasting a population of over 100,000 people, targeted, high-quality social media content can definitely attract customers to your local business.

Our SocialPlus social media marketing and management packages are perfect for local businesses in Bath who want to generate sales, promote products, attract local visitors to their high-street store, or advertise a new service or event in Bath.

Social Media Strategy

Our team of social media specialists will create a custom social media strategy for you and your Bath-based business.

Attract Local Customers in Bath

Target local customers in and around Bath with focused hashtags, interesting content, and promotional strategies such as giveaways, discounts, and events.

Custom Social Media Content

Don't just post what everyone else is posting. Be different - our team will work with you to create bespoke, high-quality social media content that attracts and engages viewers.

Automated Content Scheduling

We can automatically schedule your social media content using industry-leading software and ensure that your posts go out at the perfect time and on the right days.

Multiple Social Media Channels

Our social media marketing packages are ideal for Bath-based clients looking to expand their brand via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter/X, YouTube, and others.

Generate Enquiries and Sales

While managing your social media accounts, you may receive enquiries and messages. We will forward these enquiries to you so you can follow up on them to generate sales.

Target the right audience at the right time with our social media marketing packages.

If you're a Bath-based business looking to expand your social media presence, you've come to the right place.

Our team of social media experts in Bath focus on creating original, high-quality, and engaging social media content that grabs viewers' attention, brings in visitors, and drives leads and sales.

Since many potential customers discover businesses through social media, it's crucial to have a professional, relevant, and impressive online presence.

With SocialPlus, we're able to empower companies in Bath just like yours with stunning social media content across Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Explore our convenient monthly SocialPlus social media marketing packages designed for small and medium-sized businesses like yours in Bath.

We provide custom graphic design, hashtag research, bespoke social media strategies, content scheduling strategies, and more.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our SocialPlus social media marketing and management packages.

Custom social media content and social media designs by expert graphic designers in Bath.

Social media is a key marketing channel for many companies in Bath and throughout the UK due to the low-risk, high-reward nature of social media content.

Although many business owners and entrepreneurs understand that social media is a lucrative marketing channel, most small companies simply don't have the time or expertise to design and schedule high-quality social media content.

With Intuition Media's social media marketing and social media management packages, we're able to solve this problem for your Bath-based business.

Social media marketing can be used to promote products and services, generate leads, and develop your brand throughout Bath and the UK.

Our team of social media marketing specialists and graphic designers will work with you to create stunning, original, and engaging social media content for your company in Bath.

We can also assist local companies like yours with professional photography, custom videography, short-form and long-form social media video content, and marketing strategies for a variety of social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, and others.

"Intuition Media has been a gamechanger for Digital Samurai's marketing efforts. Since bringing IM on board, Joe and Matt have done a sterling job of managing the website, SEO, content creation, market research and analysis, managing the social media channels, etc."

- Ryan F. | Database Administrator at Digital Samurai

Custom social media content for clients in and around Bath.

Our custom social media content and designs are ideal for small and medium-sized business looking to expand throughout Bath. With a range of content ideas including reviews, product advertisements, blog post visuals, and social posts, businesses that utilise social media can expect to attract dedicated followers that are genuinely interested in their services and products.

View some examples of our graphic design social media content for businesses in and around Bath below.

Job Advertisement

Social Media Advert

Product Promotion

New Service Website

New Website Promotion

Social Media Visual

Blog Post Visual

Service Promotion

"I’ve been working with Intuition Media for over 1 year now and I’ve been really happy with the service. They understand my business and as a result have helped grow our business and social media presence. Great people and would highly recommend them."

- Mete Firat | Owner, Sun Goddess Tanning and Beauty

Boost your Bath-based business with our social media marketing packages.

Bespoke Social Media Content

We will work with you to create unique, high-quality social media content that attracts viewers, engages them, and turns them into loyal customers that are interested in your business.

Launched Within 2 Weeks

When you work with our team of social media experts, you know that you won't be waiting around. After you confirm that you're happy with the content, we schedule it in right away.

Optimised Post Scheduling

After discussing your ideal goals and requirements, we will set up a custom schedule for your social media posts. We continue to optimise your schedule over time using analytics and data.

Become a Thought Leader

Positioning your brand as a 'thought leader' is a great way of generating followers, attracting clients, and selling products. Viewers will instinctively recognise your brand and trust it.

Robust Hashtag Research

Our social media strategists don't just pick random hashtags and hope for the best. We take the time to research the perfect hashtags to maximise your local and national visibility.

Interesting and Engaging Posts

Our social media content strategy revolves around creating interesting, engaging, and high-quality social media posts that are highly relevant for customers in and around Bath.

Attract Local Clients in Bath

Although social media allows your posts to be seen globally, we can target specific audiences and locations to generate sales and enquiries for your business, shop, or brand in Bath.

Custom Social Media Plan

To succeed on social media, you need to target the right audience with the right content at the right time. Our team of social media marketers creates a custom plan that will grow your business.

Discover new audiences and grow your brand in Bath with our social media management packages.

Many people in Bath typically research local events, businesses, restaurants, and shops using social media channels.

On top of this, a local business with an interesting, active, and engaging social media profile is far more memorable than a business with no digital presence at all.

As a result, social media is only getting more popular and remains an under-utilised marketing channel for small businesses looking to grow and develop in Bath.

With social media marketing, your business can target specific groups of local customers in Bath with interesting, relevant content.

You can also attract visitors to your local store in Bath using targeted promotions, user-generated content, and social media advertising.

As customers visit your store in Bath, share reviews and content, and learn more about your company, they will be far more likely to turn into long-term customers compared to other local businesses.

Take the next step in your journey today - contact us to discuss a custom social media solution for your business in Bath.

Launch new products and expand your brand with our extensive social media marketing campaigns.

Social media is an amazing marketing channel for local businesses that sell custom products, interesting merchandise, or unique goods in Bath.

For example, a local restaurant can dramatically improve its sales by offering a discount to local Bath residents via social media.

Coffee shops can generate sales and footfall by launching a user-generated content campaign, and a local bookstore can share snippets of popular books or promote new products using social media.

The possibilities are endless.

Social media can be extremely effective for businesses in and around Bath - you just need to know how to do it right.

Take the guesswork and stress out of social media with our SocialPlus packages.

We'll take care of everything for you - simply click on the button below to learn about our SocialPlus social media management packages that are ideal for Bath-based companies like yours.

"Intuition Media have been brilliant – after just one call, they rapidly came up with some super concepts ending up with us having a great looking website. All of our considerations and ideas were taken into account, and adjustments made with speed and absolute ease, making this without doubt the least onerous project ever! I highly recommend any company looking for a fresh design or complete new build website to contact them."

- Anthony C. | Co-Owner and Director at Synergix Logistics Solutions

Social media marketing and management solutions that work.

Digital Samurai is a key client of ours that provides database, cyber security, and data visualisation solutions in Bath and throughout the UK.

They needed to expand their business using custom social media content on LinkedIn, a popular business-to-business social media platform.

We worked with Digital Samurai to create a bespoke social media strategy as well as custom content, branded visuals, and social media schedules.

After creating and implementing Digital Samurai's social media strategy, our client enjoyed a 139.6% monthly increase in LinkedIn followers and an 86.6% monthly increase in LinkedIn post engagement in April 2023 compared to March 2023. Additionally, there was a 65.4% increase in unique visitors to our clients' LinkedIn profile page.

Our social media marketing and management solutions also generated several tangible leads for our client, resulting in an overall positive return on their investment.

Learn more about our full case study by clicking on this text.

Linkedin Company Analytics

Increase in Linkedin company followers*
Increase in unique visitors to Linkedin page*
Increase in Linkedin post engagement*

*Percentage increase in April 2023 vs. the previous month.

"HIGHLY recommend - If there was an option for 1000 stars I would give it! Joe and his team were absolutely incredible. Off the back of one meeting about our business concept and our ideas for the look and feel of our website, they created for us a site that was even better than we could have ever imagined. Not only are they incredibly creative, responsive and supportive, they’re a wonderful group of people who have been a delight to work with. Thank you all so much for bringing our business to life. Hayley + Melinda."

- Hayley B. | Co-Owner of Bird + Zold

SocialPlus - Social Media Marketing and Management Packages

Learn more about our SocialPlus social media management packages below. Each of our packages are ideal for businesses in Bath that are looking to expand their digital presence, generate leads or sales, and promote their business on social media.

Our SocialPlus packages have no minimum contract which makes them ideal for businesses that are looking to conduct short-term tests as well as local companies that need a convenient, high-quality solution at short notice.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our SocialPlus packages or need to discuss a custom social media solution.

Bronze Package

2 Social Media Platforms*
2 Posts per week

Hashtag Research

Visual Design

Image Sourcing

Monthly Reports

Enquiries Emailed

Grow Your Audience


+ VAT per month

Silver Package

3 Social Media Platforms*
3 Posts per week

Hashtag Research

Visual Design

Image Sourcing


Monthly Reports

Enquiries Emailed

Potential Leads Emailed

Landing Page Design

Grow Your Audience


+ VAT per month

Gold Package

4 Social Media Platforms*
5 Posts per week

1 Blog Post per month

Hashtag Research

Stories Posted

Visual Design

Image Sourcing


Monthly Reports

Enquiries Emailed

Potential Leads Emailed

Landing Page Design

Grow Your Audience


+ VAT per month

All packages above include no minimum contract.

*The 4 Social Media platforms we normally use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Contact us for a bespoke estimate.

View our full Terms and Conditions.

Discuss a custom social media solution today.

Contact us today to enquire about a custom social media solution for your Bath-based business today. We are able to provide expert photography, high-quality videography, short-form and long-form video content, and bespoke social media solutions.

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