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Web Design Agency in Chippenham

Need a stunning new website or landing page?

Want to redesign your website to boost your brand?

Looking for a web design agency near Chippenham?

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Device Mockup showing the website of one of Intuition Media's website design clients

Web Design Agency in Chippenham

Need a stunning new website or landing page?

Want to redesign your website to boost your brand?

Looking for a web design agency near Chippenham?

Claim your complimentary full website audit today:

Intuition Media's Web Design Clients in Chippenham and the UK

Local Web Designer Near Chippenham

Are you looking for a brand-new website?

Maybe you want to redesign your current website, modernise your brand, or optimise your website to compete with other businesses in and around Chippenham?

If so, look no further than Intuition Media - we're a website design agency that works with SMEs just like yours near Chippenham.

Whether you need to redesign your website, create an individual landing page, or set up a completely fresh website that generates leads and sales, Intuition Media is here to help.

Our range of monthly DesignPlus web design packages means that you don't need to spend tens of thousands up front for a responsive, unique, modern, and high-converting website.

As a result of our monthly website design packages, we make the process of designing and setting up your new website as convenient and seamless as possible.

On top of that, we also host your new website on servers that have a guaranteed minimum server uptime of 99.9%, meaning that your website will always be online and you'll remain competitive with other businesses in Chippenham.

Why You Need To Design A New Website For Your Chippenham-Based Business

Adobe found that 38% of users will leave a website if the layout and design is unattractive or underwhelming.

Furthermore, 86% of users want to see detailed information about relevant products and services on your website.

Finally, 80.8% of web designers say that a low conversion rate is the main reason why companies want to redesign their website.

After looking at these statistics, it's no wonder why many websites don't perform properly - they aren't optimised for conversions. Luckily, Intuition Media's team of web designers operates differently.

We make sure to design your new website from the ground up with several key objectives in mind:

- Maximise leads and/or sales

- Ensure that your website looks stunning

- Optimise your website on all devices

- Beat your competitors in the search results

By designing your brand-new website in a conversion-focused, highly-optimised way, you can rest easy knowing that your website is attracting leads and converting them into high-value customers.

We've created websites for dozens of happy clients near Chippenham and, as a result, we know that we can create a brilliant, high-converting website for your business too.

If you're interested in booking a call to discuss designing your new website or optimising your current one, please contact us via phone, email, or through our 'Contact Us' page. 

Alternatively, click on the 'Request Website Audit' button below to receive a complimentary audit of your current website with optimisation recommendations and actionable steps to improve your website today.

Chippenham Website Design Agency

Chippenham has a population of over 101,600 people and is a wonderful and impressive market town in the heart of Wiltshire.

With Chippenham being a vibrant and unique town that has been awarded 'Purple Flag Status', indicating an incredible and thriving nightlife environment, it's no surprise that tourists and visitors are interested in the range of businesses and brands available in the city.

On top of these facts, Chippenham is also home to some unbelievable landmarks and local hotspots. Attractions such as Lacock Abbey, Bowood House Gardens, and the fascinating Chippenham Museum means that there's no shortage of visitors and potential customers in and around Chippenham.

Furthermore, there's some huge opportunities arriving in 2023 - St. Modwen Park Chippenham, a 78.2 acre business complex, is nearing completion. This project could attract potentially hundreds of businesses, potential clients, and leads.

Additionally, another 11-acre office complex called Greenways Business Park is ready to house dozens of new businesses.

Due to this, your new website needs to be better than other businesses, competitors, and brands in and around Chippenham to ensure that your company is maximising its potential and is set up to take advantage of these unique opportunities.

By working with a team of experienced web designers that are in touch with the local Chippenham area, your new high-converting and perfectly-optimised website will be ready to dominate your local competitors.

Web Designers and Website Design Agency In Chippenham

Our DesignPlus web design packages are perfect for small and medium-sized business owners in Chippenham.

We take the time to craft more than just websites – we build stunning digital lead-generating platforms that provide tangible results for your Chippenham-based company.

To properly compete, you need a robust and aesthetic website with a comprehensive conversion optimisation process, multi-device optimisation, and a user experience that funnels your website's users towards a valuable service, product, or lead capture form.

These aren't just website features; they're the foundation that propels businesses like yours in Chippenham to succeed.

Interested in discovering further details about our convenient and user-friendly web design packages? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us through phone, email, or the contact form on our website.

You can also click on the the 'Get Your Website Audit' button located below for a 100% free comprehensive assessment of your website.

Chippenham Website Design and Web Store Case Study

Intuition Media recently supported Pressed Number Plates, a leading number plate manufacturer that operates near Chippenham. We were tasked by Elliot to develop a responsive Ecommerce website that converts visitors into customers.

Using our comprehensive DesignPlus web design service, we created a functional online store for Pressed Number Plates that combined aesthetics and optimization.

Our web design services and digital marketing solutions resulted in our client enjoying a 241% increase in daily sales compared to the year before. Additionally, from April to June 2023, Pressed Number Plates' website experienced a 94.1% rise in user traffic, contributing to their brand's growth in the local area.

Furthermore, we optimised the clients' advertisement landing page which led to a 55.5% increase in web traffic between April and June 2023.

Intuition Media has a proven track record of creating stunning, well-optimised, and high-converting websites for companies in and around the South West of England and businesses near Chippenham. 

We're ready to design your company's new website, optimise your existing site, or create a standalone website or landing page for your local Chippenham-based brand.

Read the full case study about our client here.

Ready to unlock your digital potential? Contact us today!

"The team at Pressed Number Plates run a very tight (and very busy!) ship, selling high volumes of different types of number plates every day. With a new location in Gloucester, the team are expanding with new equipment and new team members to keep up with their demand."

"Joe & his team have been fantastic. [They have] transformed my website and took over my PPC campaign which is performing extremely well. Top top team!"


Elliot Jones

Owner, Pressed Number Plates

Increase in website traffic compared to previous 90-day period*
Increase in website and landing page traffic generated through digital advertisements*
Average Daily Sales Increase**

*Percentage increase between 1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023, compared to 31st December 2022 - 31st March 2023.

**Percentage increase between August 2022 and May 2023.

Intuition Media took over PPC Campaigns for Pressed Number Plates in August 2022.

Supporting Services: Chippenham Web Design

At Intuition Media, we offer more than just web design solutions. Empower your brand today with some of our supporting services based around digital marketing, graphic design, and local Chippenham-based search optimisation:

Our web design and graphic design services don't just stop at designing a new website for your business. Take a look at some of our supporting services that will help take your Chippenham-based business and local website to the next level:

Full Brand Design - Revise, enhance, or entirely redesign your brand identity to align it with your new website's visuals and message.

Web Hosting -  Reliable hosting for your website on a web server with a minimum uptime guarantee of at least 99.9%.

Logo Design - Modern and comprehensive logo design services that will complement your brand-new website.

Web Design - Creating fresh, modern websites or optimising and redesigning existing websites to drive more sales and leads.

Photo & Video - Product photography, custom videography, or bespoke photo and video tasks for companies in and around Chippenham.

If our supplementary services catch your eye, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Please feel free to contact us by clicking the button belowWe're available via phone, email, video call, or in-person at a local area in Chippenham.

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