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 June 24, 2021

By  joseph

Well then! As I write this the day before our launch, I’m thinking what a journey it’s been since we started with Intuition Design last year, subsequently adding Intuition Hosting. Our managed hosting service was born from our experience and passion of delivering a top-end service to all of our clients we have welcomed on board, regardless of size. We are and aim to continue being a “one-stop-shop” to our clients, most of whom we provide the service of being one point of contact for everything they need in design and hosting.

The introduction of Intuition Media has been a long time coming. Through the ethos of being one point of contact for our clients, we very quickly began supporting them in their design requirements and a full hosting service. We then found ourselves successfully providing them with marketing, advertising, social media and even photography/videography services which resulted in us deciding to “formally” offer these services to our clients and potential clients.

We have huge plans for Intuition Media, or “IM” as we call it and we can’t wait to welcome new clients aboard this full-service journey, making them as proud of our results as we are to be working with them.

Intuition Design and Intuition Hosting are still operating as usual, with Intuition Media bringing the logical addition of services to the party, which we can’t wait to expand the reach of, beyond our closest clients.

Thanks for reading and a personal thank you to our clients without whom Intuition Media would even be possible. Once again, what a journey we’ve all been on and long may it continue!

Joe Benson, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Intuition Media

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