Get More Views on Youtube – 22 Top Tips! 

 May 9, 2023

By  Matt Marsh

Do you want to know how to get more views on Youtube?

Are you spending hours creating Youtube content, only to end up frustrated by low view counts and no subscribers?

Do you want to become a master at Youtube SEO optimisation and get more subscribers on Youtube?

If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we share 22 of our best tips and tricks for creating amazing Youtube videos, perfecting Youtube SEO, and learning how to optimise Youtube videos!

youtube icon on a block in a dark background

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However, if you’re interested in some excellent Youtube SEO tips for your Youtube channel, then continue reading!

Intuition Media’s 22 Top Tips To Get More Youtube Views

  1. Content is king; ensure that your audio and video quality is excellent!
  2. Provide value through information or entertainment (the best content provides both!)
  3. Upload on Youtube consistently, but remember that quality usually beats quantity.
  4. Research your Youtube competitors using tools like Socialblade before proceeding.
  5. Create a list of keywords and search terms to build your video around.
  6. Ensure that your long-form videos are at least 8 minutes long to enable midroll adverts.
  7. Jump on trends when creating Youtube Shorts content.
  8. Focus on optimising your videos to retain viewers in the first 5 seconds, 30 seconds, and halfway through.
  9. Use a ‘cold open’ instead of a long introduction to grab the viewer’s attention.
  10. Include your keywords in your video title for Youtube SEO optimisation.
  11. Write several keyword-relevant paragraphs in your video description to optimise your Youtube video.
  12. Mention your chosen keywords throughout your video to ensure that the auto-generated captions include them.
  13. Edit the auto-generated captions to correct them and translate them into different languages.
  14. Include a relevant call-to-action in your video asking viewers to like, subscribe, and comment.
  15. Create a thumbnail that stands out, complements your video title, and encourages people to click on your video.
  16. Avoid placing thumbnail features in the bottom-right as they will get blocked by the video length overlay.
  17. Ensure that your channel has a clearly-defined niche to attract consistent viewers and get more subscribers on Youtube.
  18. Work with other creators to expand your Youtube audience or reach a new group of viewers.
  19. Promote your content on social media platforms and in relevant niche communities.
  20. Use free tools like Google Keyword Planner, VidIQ, and Google Trends to get an advantage over competitors.
  21. Develop a brand around your Youtube channel to enable medium and long-term monetisation and growth options.
  22. Do NOT buy Youtube views or subscribers; it doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable.

For a more detailed guide about Youtube SEO optimisation and Youtube SEO for beginners, keep reading!

Focus on Creating High-Quality YouTube Content Regularly

Although low-quality content can sometimes succeed on Youtube, the reality is that high-quality content will always have the advantage over poor-quality videos.

You could optimise your Youtube video perfectly and use every Youtube SEO technique imaginable, but a blurry video with choppy audio will push viewers away.

Luckily, creating a good video is easier than ever! In fact, you can put together an excellent Youtube video on a budget by using a smartphone camera to record your footage and a clip-on microphone to record your audio.

For digital footage, ensure that you record in a high resolution with crystal-clear audio.

person taking a picture of mountain landscape with their phone for instagram or social media

It’s also helpful to adhere to a consistent and predictable video upload schedule to get more Youtube views.

Not only does this allow you to create a schedule of upcoming video uploads, but your audience will be eagerly awaiting your new video if you consistently upload at a specific time.

Supplementing high-quality video and audio recordings with exciting editing and an interesting video topic will result in a brilliant video that is easy to optimise and promote!

Using these strategies to optimise your Youtube video will allow you to get more views and subscribers on your Youtube channel!

Inform AND Entertain Viewers for Maximum Results

Some of the most popular Youtube channels combine information and entertainment into a highly-engaging, well-edited video.

For example, Youtuber creator ‘LEMMiNO‘ has utilised this Youtube content strategy to generate over 550 million views.

LEMMiNO Youtube channel page with thumbnails and subscriber count

Creating high-quality videos that present educational content in an engaging way can be an excellent way of standing out from your competition and generating more Youtube views.

Focusing on quality is especially important if other creators in your niche rely on quantity.

Remember, optimising your Youtube video will be much easier when your video is naturally valuable and exciting to watch!

Analyse Competitors in Your YouTube Niche

It’s critical that you research the most popular YouTubers in your niche before committing to your Youtube channel.

Take the time to identify the most popular channels within your niche and analyse their video quality, most popular thumbnail designs, and upload frequency.

You can often create a video that improves upon theirs in many ways.

Furthermore, most Youtube creators rarely take the time to optimise their Youtube videos or successfully implement Youtube SEO optimisation strategies.

This fact is especially true in smaller niches or non-digital niches.

For example, when I searched for a ‘glass blowing tutorial’, some of the most popular results had basic thumbnails, unengaging introductions, and lacked Youtube SEO optimisation.

Youtube search results page showing glass blowing tutorial videos

This means that a new content creator who applies Youtube SEO principles to a range of high-quality and informational videos would have a high chance of dominating this niche.

Analysing your competitors is also important to identify the level of quality and quantity that you need to match or surpass with your own videos.

In some cases, focusing on a slightly different niche or a sub-niche may result in more viewers and subscribers on Youtube if competitors’ content is particularly strong.

After building a small but dedicated audience in your chosen niche, consider expanding into a larger relevant category.

Expanding your range of content will enable you to reach a wider audience, get more Youtube views, and get more subscribers on Youtube.

Promote Your YouTube Video on Other Platforms

If you’re wondering how to increase views and subscribers on your Youtube channel, consider sharing your content on other websites.

When creating a video, take the time to promote teasers and work-in-progress clips on other social media platforms and internet forums.

Promoting your upcoming video generates interest while providing content for your other social media profiles.

MrBeast's instagram profile page with engagement metrics, follower and viewer counts, and example posts

Consider advertising and teasing your video via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Once your promoted video gains traction, you’re likely to generate more Youtube views than a video you uploaded to Youtube without any warning.

You should also consider seeking out forums and communities relevant to your niche and sharing your content with them.

Interacting with communities allows you to develop your Youtube channel’s brand, which is critical when you decide to scale your channel.

If you’re interested in developing a memorable brand, check out our article that describes five tips for creating excellent brands!

Build Your Video Around Targeted Keywords and Search Terms

When you upload a video, Youtube’s algorithm will analyse your video’s tags, description, title, and auto-captions to determine what content your video represents.

To optimise your Youtube video, if you want to target a specific keyword or search string, you need to include them in your tags, description, and even your audio voiceover.

You should mention your targeted keywords frequently throughout your video script and ensure that you use your keyword in your title whenever possible.

Finally, to properly optimise your Youtube video and get more views and subscribers, take the time to edit your video’s auto-generated captions.

Not only does this increase your video’s reach and accessibility, but you can also use Youtube’s auto-translate feature to enable your video to reach international audiences. 

MrBeast's Spanish Youtube page with thumbnails and subscriber count

Conduct Keyword Research To Get More YouTube Views (YouTube SEO)

Keyword research sounds intimidating and expensive, but there are several helpful and free tools that you can use to identify Youtube keywords.

You can try using Youtube’s search bar to research keywords, which is a brilliant way of discovering which topics people are searching for.

For example, if you plan on making a video guide about making a panini, consider checking Youtube’s autocomplete for specific keywords, topic ideas, and titles.

Youtube search results showing the autocomplete searches for 'how to make a panini'

Another free keyword research tool is Google Keyword Planner, which can estimate search volume for different keywords and phrases. 

Google Keyword Planner showing keyword metrics based on the original keyword of 'panini'

VidIQ is a handy tool for researching keywords and tags, optimising your Youtube video, and simplifying the Youtube SEO optimisation process.

Use Popular Trends in Your YouTube Shorts Videos

Don’t be afraid of making a video on a trending topic, using a trending video format, or including popular sound effects in your Youtube Shorts content!

Following popular trends can turbocharge your Youtube channel’s success and is a strong strategy for gaining more views and subscribers.

This strategy is especially effective if you usually create long-form videos, as shorter videos with engaging trends will drive traffic to your long-form videos and get you more Youtube views and subscribers.

Channels with average content can leverage trends to boost their engagement rate to above-average levels.

You can use free tools such as Google Trends to identify trending topics and search terms before creating engaging short-form content that utilises the trend.

Google Trends graph showing the popularity of the search term 'panini'

Keep Viewers Engaged at Key Points in Your Video

Your video’s success can depend on how engaging your introduction is; a poor introduction can devastate a high-quality video’s performance.

To ensure that your video keeps viewers hooked, follow these optimisation tips:

  • Try using a ‘cold open’ instead of a branded introduction or introductory speech.
  • Immediately show the viewer content that aligns with the video title and thumbnail.
  • Make your first 5 seconds extremely engaging and snappy.
  • Focus on retaining viewers and maximising engagement during the first 30 seconds; this is a key metric that determines whether your video gains traction or not.
  • Aim for an average view duration percentage of at least 50%.
  • Use trending sounds, crisp edits, and exciting visuals.

Your video is more likely to succeed if it includes an engaging cold open, memorable editing, and information or entertainment.

Furthermore, following the Youtube SEO tips mentioned in this article will ensure that you increase views and subscribers on your Youtube channel.

How to Make a Compelling YouTube Video Thumbnail

On Youtube, your title and thumbnail are the first things a viewer sees.

They make an immediate impression – an underwhelming thumbnail and a boring title can limit the performance of a great video.

On the other hand, a captivating thumbnail and a catchy title can dramatically increase your video’s views and engagement.

It’s no coincidence that the most popular Youtube channels in the world use thumbnails that are exceptional in quality and clarity.

Kurzgesagt's Youtube channel page with thumbnails and subscriber count

Thumbnail design is vital to a video’s success – investing in an attention-grabbing thumbnail will maximise your Youtube video’s success and engagement.

If you’re making your own thumbnails, consider what your competitors are doing and draw inspiration from leaders in other niches.

Use bold colours, eye-catching images, and text headlines that complement the title of your video.

You can also use call-to-action techniques such as distinctly coloured arrows, bizarre scenes, and reaction faces.

KSIOlajideBT's Youtube channel page showing popular thumbnails and total subscriber count on Youtube

Try to avoid using autogenerated thumbnails with a still image of your video; these thumbnails are uninspiring, unmemorable, and underwhelming.

In comparison, a vivid and memorable thumbnail and a reliable Youtube SEO optimisation strategy will enable you to get more views on your Youtube videos.

If you don’t have strong graphic design skills, consider working with a thumbnail artist or a design agency that will maximise your video’s performance and engagement!


If you create excellent content that provides value to viewers, expect your channel will grow over time.

However, using our beginner Youtube search engine optimisation strategies will dramatically improve your video’s reach, performance, and the number of views your video will generate.

Youtube SEO can be a daunting topic, but it’s an incredible way of gaining an advantage over competitors.

Instead of uploading unedited footage and wondering how to get more subscribers on Youtube, review this article and implement the tips to optimise your Youtube videos for success!

Optimise your Youtube videos and build your dream Youtube channel today!

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