How Important is Web Hosting? 

 January 9, 2023

By  Matt Marsh

Web hosting services are vital to your website’s success and usability, and a slow website can often be the difference between a viewer and a customer.

Some sources state that a 1-second loading delay on your page causes customer satisfaction to fall by 16% and cuts conversion rates by 7%.

Even worse, a 4-second loading delay causes 90% of your viewers to leave your website without acting.

These are serious issues caused by underwhelming hosting services and poor optimisation.

After investing money into a website, running well-optimised PPC ads, and implementing a great social media strategy, it would be extremely disappointing if your website’s hosting service was the thing holding your business back.

A slow and unresponsive page could be the factor that’s stopping you and your business from maximising your sales, and it could take months for entrepreneurs without specialised technical skills to identify and fix the issue.

However, you’re in luck because Intuition Media offers top-of-the-line hosting services that are perfect for you!

Our web hosting servers use impressive hardware that guarantees speed, efficiency, and performance.

Furthermore, we’re so confident in the quality of our hosting that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We also offer more bespoke hosting setups for cloud, email, and website hosting on our Intuition Hosting website.

However, for business owners looking at our DesignPlus packages, our WordPress hosting services are perfect for you and are conveniently built into our DesignPlus packages.

A slow server can result in lost customers and lost revenue, and your website deserves to have nothing holding it back.

Whether you’re looking for a hosting service for your website, cloud hosting, email hosting, or WordPress hosting, Intuition Media has got you covered! 


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