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Cyber Security Case Study of Digital Samurai.

Generating Quality Leads

Digital Samurai's main focus is the Microsoft Data Stack. As they expand, they have recently moved to a bigger office in Bath, they continue to offer a complete Data Team to augment or extend the skills available to their client's businesses. They have recently saved one client over £2,000,000 per year in SQL Server Licensing costs.

"Joe & his team have been fantastic. [They have] transformed my website and took over my PPC campaign which is performing extremely well. Top top team!"


Ryan Freeman

Director, Digital Samurai

Automated Lead Generation

Increase in ROI since commencement
Increase in targeted messages delivered*
Increase in potential client reply rate*

*Percentage increase in April 2023 vs. the previous month.

Linkedin Company Analytics

Increase in Linkedin company followers*
Increase in unique visitors to Linkedin page*
Increase in Linkedin post engagement*

*Percentage increase in the period between April 2023 - July 2023.

The Problem

When a client comes to us they often have an idea of what they want a website to look like but they do not always know what they want it to do. This journey with us starts by taking their vision and combining it with our experience to create lead generating machines. 

The next problem arises, having this shiny beautiful website, but no traffic coming through it, or via other channels. Digital Samurai were in a relatively strong position and they were pushing to take things to the next level but they had limited internal marketing resource to do it.

DS as they like to be called for short, were looking to build up online interaction and build an audience across their chosen mediums. Focusing primarily on LinkedIn, the most relevant Social Media platform for them to target as they are a B2B business.

The Solution

For a data focused business automated Lead Generation was essential in order for Digital Samurai to find high quality leads to grow their business. We save their time by setting up and managing lead generation campaigns which are yielding the figures you see above. 

By obtaining new clients through this method of lead generation, Digital Samurai were able to confidently hire new team members and even move into a larger office space.

Using our lead generation campaigns, along with our Social Media management, we are helping Digital Samurai to reach their goals of expansion, ROI and more, all whilst building an engaging audience with a long-term goal of continual expansion.

The Future

Digital Samurai were the first company we ever designed a website for, so we are lucky to maintain a very close relationship with them and just like our other clients, we are growing side-by-side. Relationships like this are very important to us, backed by regularly delivering the results, so we plan for a very successful future for both companies.

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