You NEED Great Product Photos – Here’s Why 

 May 9, 2023

By  Matt Marsh

Imagine two identical eCommerce websites. Now imagine that one of those websites had terrible, low-quality product photos. 

It’s a no-brainer; you’d choose to shop on the website with great product photos instead of bad photos.

In fact, the difference between an eCommerce website with bad product photos and great product photos is astronomical.

It’s becoming increasingly important to focus on high-quality photography and product photos – especially in an age where visual media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok reign supreme.

Here are three reasons why you need to invest in high-quality product photos for your website or eCommerce business.

First Impressions Are Everything

It’s rare for users to browse eCommerce websites for long periods, especially if the product photos are unengaging, unclear, or unimpressive.

In fact, a survey from Marketing Charts shows us that 61% of users feel that having ‘ample product images’ is an important element of any online shopping experience.

Therefore, you must catch the user’s attention with excellent product photography and clear, crisp images.

Ensuring that your images are vivid, uncluttered, and visually stunning is a surefire way of wowing a customer and enticing them to buy your product!

Show Off Your Product Properly

Another reason why it’s important to have excellent product photos on your website is that you need to show off your product’s strengths to the customer.

For example, the most popular water bottle brands on Amazon take the time to create beautiful product photos, and it’s no surprise that the most popular products have the best product photography.

On the other hand, these water bottle auctions from eBay sellers are less appealing and eye-catching.

As a result, these products aren’t as impressive because the water bottle doesn’t stand out from the background, it doesn’t excite the viewer, and the photos aren’t eye-catching. 

If you own an eCommerce brand, taking the time to show off every element of your product and packaging with crystal-clear, vivid photos can be the difference between a viewer and a customer.

Finally, it’s important to show off your product appropriately to avoid refunds, returns, and confused customers.

If your product photo doesn’t show relevant angles or makes the product look smaller than it actually is, customers may become frustrated.

Make sure to capture every aspect of your product in your photos to minimise confusion and maximise sales!

Build Your Brand

Creating excellent product photos can also be an amazing way of showing off your brand to customers without being disruptive or overly forceful.

For example, if a customer lands on your website for the first time, ensuring that your product photos contain appropriate branding is a great way of building trust and brand awareness.

It’s also an excellent way of making your brand look more professional, especially if your eCommerce brand is relatively new.

Next time you create a product photo, ensure your branding is visible, clear, and appropriate – customers will remember you and come back for more!

Repurpose Great Product Photos For Social Media

Although you might think that simple photos of products aren’t engaging enough to create great social media content, think again!

Here’s an example from Adidas’ Instagram page; their product photos regularly drive more engagement than their other posts due to their high-quality photography, eye-catching products, and interested customer base.

There’s more than one way to use product photos – try reuploading them across your social media pages, integrating them into videos, or including them in emails to customers!


In conclusion, it’s clear that it’s worth investing in high-quality product photography.

Not only do the high-quality photos impress customers and encourage them to buy your products, but they can also be repurposed and used across different platforms.

Finally, the investment frequently pays for itself. A customer is simply more likely to purchase a product if the presentation is exceptional.

That’s why it’s important to work with professionals – our photography and editing services will generate the engagement and sales that your products deserve!

Contact us today to learn more about our photography, videography, editing, and marketing services!


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